how to get there

Campeche does not have an international airport. While it is possible to fly into Mexico City and then take a regional flight directly into Campeche, I’ve been told it is a real hassle to do so. The alternative is to fly into a city on the Yucatan and then use ground transportation to arrive at your final destination.

Cancun is an obvious choice, but because it is an approximately five-hour drive from Cancun to Campeche, most outfitters provide this service only at added expense. Several U.S. cities, including Houston, Dallas and Miami, have direct flights into Merida. Merida is only a two-hour drive north of Campeche, and the price quoted by the outfitters includes round-trip transportation from Merida to Campeche. Of the four times that I’ve made the trip to Campeche over the past several years, this is the route I’ve taken. I can also report that the drivers taking you to and from Campeche are excellent. They are hired through the Department of Tourism, and their vehicles must display some type of special sticker to allow them to pass quickly through the various checkpoints along the way.