Guides And Boats


The Campeche Tarpon boats are the best in the region, specially suited for fly fishing and for navigating shallow waters. The comfort that they provide guarantees that at the end of the day of fishing, you and your lower back will be ready to start again the next day. Our guides are individually selected and native to the region. They are not only respectable people, but also experienced fly fishermen, which gives them the precise vision needed to be able to position the boats for perfect casting. They will recommend the best fly depending on the time of day and the climate conditions. They expertly read the tides, which is of utmost importance in shallow water fishing.

Campeche Tarpon guides do not speak English but have ample experience guiding anglers from the United States and working with U.S. systems measurement. These are some words that might help you when you are on board one of our boats:

Tire [TEE-reh] =    Cast

Sabalo [SAH-bah-lo] =    Tarpon

Amarrar [am-arr-AR] =    Tie

Mosca [MOS-ka] =    Fly

Anzuelo [an-SWEH-lo] =    Hook

Filo [FE-lo] =    Sharp

Cambiar [cam-BYAR] =    Change

Para [PAH-ra] =    Stop

Jala [HA-la] =    Strip

Caña [CAN-ya] =    Rod

Carrete [cah-REH-teh] =    Reel

Baño [BAHN-yo] =      Bathroom

Flayero [fla-YEH-ro] =    Fly fisher

Sabalero [sah-bah-LEH-ro] =    Fishing guide

Siéntate [SYEN-tah-teh] =    Sit down

Sigamos Pescando [si-GAH-mos peh-SCAHN-do] =    Let’s keep fishing