Campeche Tarpon


Boats used by Campeche Tarpon are clean, well-designed, custom-built backcountry skiffs



Alejandro got started in sport fishing under the guidance of his grandfather Ramón.The fishing genes seem to have been passed down from his ancester, who is originary from Champoton, home to hunters and fishermen.



The fishery is a huge network of mangrove lagoons, flats and creeks that begin immediately north of the cityMore


Fishing for TARPON CAN BE DIFFICULT!  That’s we invest in the finest Gear and Boats to give our ANGLERS every advantage possible when engaging THE SILVER KING.


Campeche Tarpon Proudly Offers:

Campeche Tarpon is an aquatic recreational company that offers tours of the Los Petenes coastal mangrove biosphere zone in Campeche, Mexico.
We provide year-round panoramic tours and fishing service, adapting our schedule for each client.  We have all the amenities and necessary equipment in our boats for your exciting adventure. Rendezvous point: docking port of San Francisco, Campeche, in front of the shopping Mall Plaza Galerias.
Duration: Fishing Day : 8 hours
Tour of Los Petenes Biosphere, 3 hours