Tarpon, the silver king, is on the bucket-list of many anglers. Tarpon is considered as juvenile specimens 30 pounds and smaller are considered babies, and many fly fishers prefer to target those fishes called Baby Tarpon or Mangrove Tarpon. They live in warm shallow waters along the coast of tropical areas shallow grass, creeks, river mouths and residential canals.

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Campeche Tarpon

Enjoy the best fishing for baby tarpon in the world.

Campeche offers some of the finest and most consistent fishing for baby tarpon that you can found in the Caribbean. We give you the opportunities to target juvenile tarpon in the 6 to 25 pound range with floating lines. The fishery is a huge network of mangrove lagoons, flats and creeks that begin immediately north of the city, running along the coast for more than 120 kilometers all the way to the small fishing village of Isla Arena.

Fishing for TARPON CAN BE DIFFICULT!  That’s we invest in the finest Gear and Boats to give our ANGLERS every advantage possible when engaging THE SILVER KING.

Campeche Tarpon Proudly Offers: