Alejandro got started in sport fishing under the guidance of his grandfather Ramón.

The fishing genes seem to have been passed down from his ancester, who is originary from Champoton, home to hunters and fishermen.

For Alex, these influences awakened his instincts to catch the Silver King

Joined by his best fishing friends Lefty, Francis, and Fly Savaleta, he continually explores the mangrove, flats, Creeks and Lagoons looking for the best spots to catch baby tarpon.

Alejandro intimately knows the area of the mangrove.
His vast knowledge of the area was drawn upon in 1998 when the local fishing club requested him the tarpon productive areas in the region.
These GPS points are now used by all sport fishermen, outfitters and visitors alike.

In his free time, Alejandro enjoys fishing with Alex Jr. At just 7 years old, he has already demonstrated that the fishing genes were successfully passed on to him.