Campeche is a great destination for couples. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site offering, in addition to excellent tarpon fishing, many cultural activities and tourist attractions. Campeche’s spectacular white sand beaches and nearby Mayan towns always leave visitors enchanted.
We currently offer a Non-Angling package. While anglers go out with our guides, others in the family or group are attended by our tour guides, who transport them to the marvelous ancient Mayan city of Edzná, located only 45 minutes from Campeche’s historic downtown. City tours are also an excellent option, including visits to museums and markets.
January 1st – April30th
Six (6) nights at Casa Clorinda by Enrico Puglisi
Four (4) days of guided fishing
One (1) guided tour of the Edzna Mayan Ruin
One (1) guided Campeche City tour
Total Package price = $4,500.00